We want to have a safe and enjoyable day and to this end, It is essential that you have an understanding of how the hunting day is arranged.  If you have any questions or problems during the day, ask either a Master or a senior member of the hunt. We have put together an Etiquette and Conduct guide here, which basically covers the following. We recommend that you read it thoroughly.

  • How to identify the Masters, Huntsman and Senior members of the hunt – this is important as they will be able to help you with any queries
  • How a day’s hunting with the Border Counties Draghounds is arranged – what to expect from us and what we expect from you
  • The planning involved in organisation a day’s hunting and how we work with farmers/landowners and other stakeholders to ensure we comply with their requirements and the regulations
  • What to do when you arrive at the meet
  • What to do if you leave before the end of the day

Dress Code:

Tidy turnout of both horse and rider is important to us, we want to create a good impression! We have put together a Dress Code Guide, it is just that; a guide, not a fixed set of rules. Please don’t let it put you off coming draghunting, as long as you are dressed tidily, that’s fine! The same applies to your horse and tack.

If like many others, you struggle to tie your stock, we’ve got a handy guide here: